Report on the August Libation to Hermes

The August libation to Hermes has come and gone, and it went a lot better than the July libation went. I was incredibly nervous my first time but this time it went smoothly. We had a total of ten people in attendance, and we started the ritual with cleansing using khernips (sacred lustral water). I had offerings of apple juice available for everyone to use should they have not brought their own offering.

The format of the ritual was as follows:

Invocation of Hestia after ritual washing

Call to Hermes

Homeric Hymn 18 to Hermes with libation

Tale of Hermes’ Birth, with the Theft of Apollon’s Cattle

Orphic Hymn 28 to Hermes with libation

Community members made offerings to Hermes, including personal prayers and offerings of apple juice

Hestia Farewell

Ritual closure with Farewell to Hermes.

If you wish to join in the ritual to honor the Hellenic Deities, come join us at Pagan Pathways Temple in Madison Heights on the 2nd Saturday of the month. I will post a notice here when the date comes closer.

-Lyssa Little Bear

Demarkhos, Apple Blossom Proto-Demos of Hellenion


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