September Libation to Demeter and Persephone

Location: Pagan Pathways Temple, 28736 John R Rd., Madison Heights, MI, 48071

Time and Date: 11:30 AM sharp, September 10th 2016

The Apple Blossom Proto-Demos of Hellenion is proud to host its monthly ritual to honor the Hellenic deities! Going by the schedule put out by our parent organization, Hellenion, we will honor the Goddesses Demeter and Persephone in the month of September with a ritual in Their honor.

The ritual will consist of a Hellenic Reconstructionist ritual, including libations (liquid offerings) and prayers recited in honor of the Goddesses, and members of the community will have a chance to add their own prayers or offerings to the Goddesses during the ritual.

Attire: Any well-kept clothing will do, street clothes are acceptable, but if you have a white shirt, that would be best.

What to bring? Yourself! If you have an offering for the Goddesses, you can bring that too – either a spoken prayer or a physical offering will do.

There are no fees associated with this event, but please consider donating to our host, Pagan Pathways Temple, to feed the utility spirits.

If you have any allergy concerns, PLEASE CONTACT THE ORGANIZER. Allergens include Frankincense incense, and lit bay leaves.

All are welcome!

RSVP on our Facebook Event!


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