Report on the September Libation

This month’s ritual to honor Demeter and Persephone was quietly attended by both myself and one other person. I was thrilled to see said person come back, because they have been a faithful attendee of the Proto-Demos’ events. Thank you to Z for coming out! A friend of mine on the Hellenion forums helped construct the ritual retelling of the Myth of Persephone and Hades, so I send a hearty thanks to Alexeigynaix of Hellenion for allowing me to use their poem ‘Queen of Darkness.’

I wasn’t nervous at all this time, and I think things went even smoother.

The ritual went as follows:

Ritual cleansing with Khernips

Call to Hestia

Invocation of Demeter and Persephone

Orphic Hymn #40 to Demeter with libation

Orphic Hymn #29 to Persephone with libation

‘Queen of Darkness’ by Alexeigynaix

Personal prayers and offerings

Final Libation to Hestia

Ritual closure with farewell to Demeter and Persephone

If you wish to join in the ritual to honor the Hellenic Deities, come join us at Pagan Pathways Temple in Madison Heights on the 2nd Saturday of the month. I will post a notice here when the date comes closer.

-Lyssa Little Bear

Demarkhos, Apple Blossom Proto-Demos of Hellenion



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