About Us

The Apple Blossom Proto-Demos serves the Southeastern Michigan area of the United States, although anyone who is able to make it to our events is welcome. We are the local arm of the Hellenion organization, and our current mission is to gather enough members to become a full-fledged Demos of Hellenion. Currently, we hold services in a variety of places, and our location for each service we hold will be posted both on this site and our Facebook page.

Our beliefs include a hard polytheist view of the cosmos, that the Gods are distinct individual entities who exist in a very real sense. We follow the path of Hellenismos, reconstructing the ancient Hellenic religion as best we can in a modern age. Our goals as a group include hosting meetings and rituals, as well as observing the Hellenic holidays as a group. We also aim to educate the community on Hellenismos whenever possible.